VantageMarkets $50 No Deposit Bonus

VantageMarkets $50 No Deposit Bonus
VantageMarkets $50 No Deposit Bonus

VantageMarkets $50 No Deposit Bonus

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Bonus Link: VantageMarkets (IB VantageMarkets)

How to Get Bonuses:

  1. Register
  2. Open "STP" account
  3. ID & POA Verification
  4. Once verified, claim your bonus via email according to the format below:
    Subject: NDB $50

    Your name
    Your country
    Trading account number

    Subject: NDB $50

    Crayon Shinchan
  5. Send it to the IB VantageMarkets email address at [email protected]
  6. If approved, you will get a reply via email and the bonus will be credited immediately if the bonus quota is still available
  7. Please note, the bonus claim format must match the format above and make sure to register using the VantageMarkets IB link, otherwise the request will not be processed
  8. Your account is processed or not, check the account status and the solution here

Terms & Conditions:

  1. New client
  2. Not valid for accounts under other IB
  3. Only for clients registered after 17 July 2022
  4. The bonus quota is limited, only 50 - 100 clients per week and there is a possibility that the quota will be added every week
  5. Bonus will be processed from Monday to Friday, closed weekends
  6. Bonuses are given according to the bonus claim queue via email
  7. Bonus distribution decision by our IB not account manager
  8. Spam our IB email, we will not process the bonus
  9. The bonus will be credited within 1-7 working days from the time you receive the reply via email
  10. The bonus after being claimed is valid for 6 months
  11. Only valid for STP account type
  12. Maximum withdrawal profit is $200 after completing 5 standard lots, if deposit is at least $50 all profit can be withdrawn
  13. Only forex commodities and metals instruments meet the lot requirement calculation
  14. Bonus is canceled when making the first withdrawal
  15. Contact the account manager if you want to reset the negative balance

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